Saturday, 14 January 2017

Who's there?

Vis a vis my previous post, I'm trying to think what other one-volume Who books are out there.

There are a good few that survey the 'whole' story of Who's 'fiction' ('whole' either meaning the first 26-years as a whole, or the whole series up to the time of its original publication)
  • Lance Parkin's 'A History of the Universe' (various editions)
  • L'officer's 'Terrestrial Index' and 'Universal Databank' (from what I recall, somewhat patchy forerunners to Parkin's book)
  • 'The Discontinuity Guide'
  • 'The Programme Guide' (obviously)
  • 'The New Who Programme Guide' (if I must include the New Series *lol)
  • 'The Making of Doctor Who' (strictly speaking a factual book, but whose first edition includes an episode guide in the form of the Time Lord trial from 'The War Games'!)
  • 'Doctor Who' by Kim Newman (BFI) includes production narrative but is largely concerned with what we see on the screen
  • 'The Dalek Handbook', like the Making Of also includes a hefty slice of factual information but mainly concerns the on-screen history/chronology of the Dalek adventures
  • 'Timeframe' (the illustrated history by David J Howe)
  • 'Cybermen' (which does what it says on the tin, up to 'Silver Nemesis')
  • 'Who's next?' - apparently a kind of Programme Guide, written immediately pre-New Who
  • 'The Handbook' - David Howe's factual tome collecting together all the individual Doctor handbooks from Virgin Books)
  • 'The Television Companion' by David Howe (that man again!)
  • 'The Doctor' (BBC Books 'in-universe' biography up to 'Day Of the Doctor'; also contains snippets of behind the scenes interviews)
Production-wise we have:

  • 'Inside the Tardis' by the aforementioned James Chapman, who is good on the 'social history' side of things
  • 'The Unfolding Text' surveys Who academically up to Season 19, with a strong slant towards the Producers and auteurship
  • The DWM Yearbook (1996) by Pixley, a season-by-season account replete with facts, figures, ratings etc.
  • anything and everything by Peter Haining (I've a soft spot for 'A Celebration' as it was the first book I think I ever read about the history of Who)
  • 'The Doctors' by Adrian Riglesford
I'm sure there are more but that's all I can remember at the moment. Let me know if I've left out your favourite! (i'm tempted to include 'Love and Monsters' but that's more of an account of Who fandom I think. In any case the date on the cover says it starts at 1979!)

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