Saturday, 21 January 2017

not a Meek 'un

Round about the middle of last year I dipped into the waters of Nostalgia (they have a warning sign and everything!) and picked up the two Dan Dare publications that Fleetway out out in 1990/1, the Holiday Special and the Annual. I also then ordered the first volume of the facsimile series of books, the ones reprinting the original Eagle run from the 50s-60s.

But then I took the subsequent volumes off my wish list as the series becomes increasingly expensive as it progresses, with some volumes going for a couple of hundred of your Earth pound on Amazon and eBay. No point in getting hooked on a series I'd have to get a bank loan to collect in its entirety, I thought.

Well, I should think again! Volume 9, 'The Trilogy', turned up in a local secondhand bookshop this morning. Cheapest price online? £140 (eBay, Buy it Now). Asking price in the shop? £3.50.


Truly today is a blessed day! Get the Anastasia ready for lift off, Digby, we're off to the Southern Hemisphere of Venus!

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